Frosty Fish 2010

Madog Rowing Club held our annual Frosty Fish Introduction Race on 28th December. Eight mixed crews of experienced and novice rowers raced from the harbour to Borth a Gest. The weather was fairly kind to us with only scattered showers and a light wind, it was as ever a little chilly. The winning crew of Shakey, Bethan, Rob Lloyd and Cai pulled the distance in an amazing 14 minutes 34 seconds a full 30 seconds faster than the second crew home.


The crews were welcomed home by a warming glass of mulled wine to beat the chill, followed by a fantastic lunch provided by Sawatree of the Thai Restaurant.
A very successful day, which we hope has encouraged more rowers to join us in our invigorating sport.


Thanks to all who organised, fed and coxed us, as always much appreciated.



Boat 1- Si, David Medcalf, Max,Ceri Bentham coxed by Dr John (17″21) 8th
Boat 2- Elaine, Geoff, Tim Evans, Stephanie coxed by Ceins (16″26) 7th
Boat 3- Pete, Tina, Hugh J, Nia Pendrell coxed by Ceins (15″11) 3rd
Boat 4- Sarah H, Edw, Kaz Bentham, Lowri Pendrell coxed by Dr John (15″40) 5th
Boat 5- Bethan, Shakes, Rob Lloyd, Cai coxed by Ceins (14″34) WINNERS


Boat 6- Rob, Cathy, Dave Ll, Sarah A coxed by Dr John (15″38) 4th
Boat 7- Richard, Tom G, Phillipa Max coxed by Dr John (16″230) 6th
Boat 8- Si, Elaine, Tim Evans, Hugh J coxed by Ceins (15″09) 2nd (all on their second row !!)
Well done everybody for making it one of the most memorable race to date despite the weather!
Sorry there aren’t pictures of everybody but I was otherwise preoccupied, maybe someone else can fill in the gaps.
Happy New Year to you all.


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