December 4th 2009

1) Apologies – Sarah M, Dave, Tina, Edw, Bethan

2) Matters Arising

  • Frosty Fish – final plans – meet at 1230 on the day – Monday 28th December.  Caterers will meet at 10am – Sarah, Elaine, Geoff, Rob, Anne, Simon.  Decision to use safety boat will be made on the day.  Shakey has invited our friends at Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club. Rowing to start at 1300.
  • New Years Eve – final plans – Sarah  Only one taker for the night !! – Geoff.
  • Boat repairs – No written qoutes yet but one for £600 and one for £500.  Decision to be made at the AGM in January.
  • Coaching course – dates & funding – Simon – Likely to be a long weekend in February, Fri – Mon. Minimum of 8 places. These are already filled. Max and Geoff to attend from Port.
  • Winter race dates – Pete – dates available are


Sat 23rd – High Water – 1300

Sun 24th – 1400


Sat 6th – 1330
Sun 7th – 1445
Sat 20th – 1145
Sun 21st – 1230


Sat 6th – 1200
Sun 7th – 1300
Sat 20th – 1045
Sun 21st – 1130


Sat 3rd – 1200
Sun 4th – 1245
Sat 17th – 1100
Sun 18th – 1130

All times are provisional and approximate.

  • Fundraising for rowing machine – grant application team to look at a ‘Development Grant’ following a refusal from the Sports Lottery.

3) Celtic Challenge – update – Simon, Rob (Boats) – no support boat yet.
Nicki (Accommadation) – booked in Arklow.
Edw (Minibus) – not present.
Funds (Tina) – not present.
WSRA Liason (Keith) – not present.
Training (Ceinwen) – progressing.

Sectretary was asked to minute the fact that not all Celtic Challenge team members were showing up for meetings and training.

4) Proposals for AGM – date for AGM 8th Jan 2010. THIS DATE HAS MOVED.

Nominations for – Chairperson – Tina
Secretary – Keith
Treasurer – Manon
Vice-Chair – Geoff
Safety Officer – Shakey
Bosun – Simon
Under-Bosun – Rob
Youth Officer – Ceinwen
Ladies Captain – Ceinwen
Mens Captain – Pete

Proposal to hold separate committee meetings – this will be voted on at the AGM.

5) WSRA spending proposal for loan boat – a vote was taken and the majority were in favour.

6) Website demo – a really useful demonstration from Bill. Thanks to him for all his work.

7) AOB

  • Following a request to the Commodore, it will be possible to open the bar on Wednesdays following the circuit training.
  • There will be two talks of interest on Friday 12th of February – “The Great River Race” by Pete Hughes and “Narwhals and Inukshuks” by Phil Eccles.
  • Rob and Geoff have offered to build a launching dolly for the longboats.

8) Check of safety equipment – postponed until Frosty Fish.

9) Christmas drinks – mulled wine or a snowball – a vote was taken and mulled wine won – just.

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