Committee meeting Monday 10th November 2014

Minutes of the MYC Rowing committee meeting on Monday 10th November 2014
Apologies ; Jill G.
1. Elaine H ran through the accounts that she has prepared (copy to follow) as the last one
before she stands down as treasurer. Our financial situation is healthy at the moment with
about £6,500 in the account. The Bosun will be spending money to get the boats back up to
condition for the coming season. NB The maintenance bill for last year amounted to over
£2,000 so BE CAREFUL!
It was decided that we should work out a budget for our social secretary and that we should
also liaise with the YC to clarify who should pay for what. Leslie will talk to Lucy.
The Committee ratified the new mandate changing the signatories on the Bank account to be
Tina, Sarah T, and Pippa.
2. The Bosun did not have a lot to report but agreed that the two high priority jobs were getting
Madog fixed and sorting the new logos and name for 69.
3. Leslie was thanked for her efforts and the end of season party at The Ship Aground was
voted a huge success. There are two rowing events in the pipe line: The 12 pubs of
Christmas and Frosty Fish so please keep an eye out for details. The YC are also organising
a Christmas party and a Wine and Cheese do. Leslie to get a diary from Lucy and circulate
to all rowers so that we can support the YC wherever possible.
Leslie has also had contact from Kilkenny rowers who would like to come and try our boats.
As we would also like to entertain some Italian rowers to reciprocate their fantastic
hospitality on our recent Italian trip to Reno the committee would welcome any ideas that
you the club members might have.
4. Night rowing will now be extended to include a Friday evening – to be reviewed again at the
next committee. Please would all rowers take note that at the weekend we can safely put 4
day boats out but this has rarely been the case recently. Why not use that opportunity to
row? Winter is also a good time to get some cross training in and Bob would welcome
company at circuits as he finds a class of 1 a bit intense!!
5. Mark pointed out that at the moment there is no Harbour Master. Dave Oneill has gone to
Caernarfon. Be aware that buoys might be out of place for longer that usual. If you see
anything amiss put a note under the HM door please.
6. Richard G and Sian have arrangements in hand for the Junior taster day next Sunday 16th
November. Sian has organised for our new rowers questionnaire to be translated into Welsh.
Copies to be sent to Tina, Rich G, Pippa and Leslie.
Richard and Jill W have done a review of the Junior section ( copy to follow) so far and
made suggestions for further development. How do we incorporate the Juniors in social
7. Slidey seats have made some date proposals and can accommodate 26 rowers. Richard to
accept the invitation for the 28th February 2015 in Chester.
8. Simon will as from now be stepping down as head coach but will make sure all relevant
information is on Group Spaces.
9. Bob wanted to know if we were interested in the two rowing machines for sale from the
leisure centre. They would appear to only be suitable for technique and not hard training. We
decided it would be better to wait until we hopefully have a boatshed and a more usable
space for use and storage. In the Crows nest there is already other unused kit.
Leslie brought to our notice that Yard 6 are setting up strength and conditioning sessions.
10. Our AGM will be at 19.30 on Friday 30th January when it will be time to set up the
committee for 2015. You will be getting separate mail about this as we need to have
proposals for the different positions.
11. Next club meeting after rowing Friday 14th November.
Next committee meeting Monday 1st December.

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