Halloween party 29th October 2011

The yacht club was transformed by Heather and her many helpers with DJ Dave

DJ Dave

and his equipment at one end. Most people made an effort to dress up.

Pippa and Faf

There was Osama bin Lama’s ghost (Si),


3 brides of Frankenstein (Mandy, Geoff & Dave)

Andy and Mandy

Mr and Mrs Ghoul (Bill & Sue), a dead cat (Heather), lots of witches, 2 Draculas (Andy & John)

Our Commodore

and many other scary people.

Oisin and Gareth
Natasha and

Sa served up jacket potatoes and chilli, Pete and Sarah ran some games for the children,

Pete and Sarah

including apple bobbing and a boys vs girls wrap the mummies (in WC paper).

The Mummies


Elaine and Si

Dave managed to keep the dance floor full for most of the evening

Four witches, a dead cat and Holly and Gareth

and even got Richard to remove most of his clothes to ‘The Stripper’ and everyone seemed to have a good time.

The dance floor

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