Castle to castle race July 17th 2011

We fielded two boats this year, a mens and ladies. The ladies were defending their title as winners from last year and once again excelled themselves by winning with a clear margin over their competitors.

The weather conditions were extreme to say the least, everyone agreed that they were the worst conditions that anyone has ever encountered in a race. The first half of the course from Beaumaris Gallows Pointto Y Felinheli were fairly hard going, but once we turned the corner and were heading south west the wind and waves hit us with speeds of 28-30mph coming at us from the west with 5 foot waves at barely 10 foot intervals. The following tide was helping us moving forwards but this rendered the rudder almost useless so all steerage was dependant on oar power to keep us from slewing to port with the very real possibility of broaching, the reds really had their work cut out for them.

It has to be said though that The Royal Welsh Yacht Club (Caernarfon ) excelled themselves with their safety cover which was very reassuring for all involved especially the girls who had a safety RIB as a constant companion throughout the roughest parts.

Out of eight boats only one had to pull out, the remainder all battled through the “Stoppers” created by the wind over tide conditions and ended up safely at Caernarfon Castle albeit totally drenched but in good spirits.

The girls were coxed magnificently by Maxine with Saz on stroke then Elaine , Manon and Heather in the bows, well done ladies with your second year triumph.

The men were coxed alternatively by Geoff and Si with Richard, Steve and Bob, they came in 3rd overall and were denied the “Supavet” cup by Ynys Mon.

Well done everybody for an epic race!


Winning ladies crew – castle to castle race 2011


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