Committee Meeting Monday 29th October 19.30

Apologies: Tina, Heather, Nic

Those present: Geoff, Pippa, Maxine, Bill, Bob, Si, Mark, Elaine.

1. Computer matters Tina Group spaces


New email for rota


No conclusion was reached on these matters but Geoff will also enquire at the club meeting on Friday as to whether there is some hidden knowledge within the membership.

In the short term the new email address would seem to help.


2. Finance matters Clarification of course funding policy

Grant situation

It was agreed all participants in these courses would pay £50 towards the cost.

Saz has put in the claim for the final payment of the grant. Although we have not spent the money for publicity and a junior course they have allowed the submission of pro forma invoices for use in the future.

The club finances are slowly building back up again and the £ pot certainly helps this. It would be greatly appreciated if members would carry on putting in more than £1 if they feel able. Every little bit helps.

Elaine made the point that she has to handle a lot of cash on our behalf. If you can make payments to her by electronic means this would make her life easier.

3. Boat matters Glaslyn launch (lettering)

Godfrey has this is in hand and it will be ready for the naming ceremony. The proposed date for this is Saturday 8th December and Sheena Birch will be invited to officiate. Pippa will prepare a letter to this effect.

Possible loan/hire of No 69. A request has been received from Peter Hughes to borrow or hire one of our boats over the winter so that he can gauge the interest in rowing where he now lives with a view to starting a new club in Menai Bridge. The committee felt that this was possible for a nominal rent and a defined period. Geoff to check with the YC committee and point out to them that this would only be until the clocks go back when we would need all our boats to be available. Si to find out how much WSRA charge when hiring out boats.


4. Night rowing update

Tonight was the first outing under these rules. Mark gave a full briefing to those who were there. Si pointed out that you MUST be registered with him before going out in a night crew.

5. Winter rowing fixtures. Frosty fish, date and publicity.

The idea of lake rowing is still favourable to all but nothing was organised on this front. The date for Frosty fish is Sunday 30th December at 11.00 at £4 per person. Pippa to contact Sarah H for help with publicity and also to check that they are coming on 30th November to the rowers party.


6. Debrief of coaching and first aid courses

All agreed that what we had learned on the coaching course was good but that it had not covered all that we require as fixed seat sea rowers. Pippa is to try and follow up a lead given to her by a visiting gig rower last Sunday who knew of a course being developed in the South of England.


7. Awards ceremony Aberystwyth 27th October

It seems that not only did Bob and Mark have a good evening in Aberystwyth but they remembered to bring home the 7 trophies that had been earmarked for Porthmadog. This rowing achievement is worthy of a press release which Pippa will prepare.


8. WSRA rowing machines

Si has been told of Concept2 machines that are currently residing in a school in Aberystwyth that were purchased by WSRA to encourage Juniors into rowing. If we can find a suitable location for them we could use them for winter circuit training. An approach will be made to Ysgol Eifionydd by Pippa to see if we can use the gym there and possibly let the children there have access to them.


9. Social events

Heather has sent out an email about the party. Please make sure you reply with your deposit. On the same occasion awards will be given to be organised by Geoff.


10. Election of new committee

Geoff and Tina have prepared a list of job descriptions. At the AGM on Fri 4th January all the current committee will resign and elections will take place.


11. AOB none

12. Date of next meeting Committe Monday 3rd December


Club Friday 7th December BRING AN UNUSUAL CHEESE!!


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