Car boot sale

On Sunday 26th June a small band of dedicated MYC rowers rose at the crack of dawn and headed to Ysgol Eifionnydd in Porthmadog with a car full of junk. There was method to their madness – the plan was to raise some funds towards club activities with a pitch at the weekly car boot sale that takes place at the school site.

Bethan, Richard, Geoff and Saz spent several minutes putting together a carefully crafted display before our good started to fly off the shelf/out of the boot. Our pricing structure may have left a little to be desired and we didn’t quite shift everything (although Richard tried his best), but we did sell the small model Ferrari-cum-manicure set as well as making a total of £102.64. Most importantly, it was quite good fun.

Richard, Saz and Bethan

The plan is to return on the August bank holiday with our remaining ‘goods’ (and hopefully a few more boxes of sellable junk!) and do the same again – no longer as novices but as experienced car boot-ers with the confidence to go for the hard sell and drive a mean bargain – anyone want to join us to learn from the pros?

Enjoying the sun

Many thanks to all club members who donated their cherished ‘objéts d’art’ and especially to the sellers – and to Dafydd tax for bringing us ice cream!

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