Ynys Mon League Race 12th June 2016

Most of us look forward to the Ynys Mon League Race and not just for the bacon baps on arrival and the hog roast. It’s a fabulous place to row with dolphins and seals in abundance if you could only take your eyes off the rower in front of you to have a look.

First off all the ladies, as usual testing the watersfor the rest of the crews.  If we thought we’d improved our fitness and dashed along the course quicker than usual, our bubble was burst when we found out that the turning buoy was half a mile further in than it should have been!

Ynys Mon 1

The Silversurfers – Jackie, Maggie, Christine, Julie M and cox  Sarah

The weather was showery, a pleasant change from the sweltering heat of the last couple of league races and it obviously suited the more mature, sophisticated  rower as Porthmadog cleaned up in all Super-Vet categories – Ladies; Mens and Mixed. The mixed Super-vet  crew being an impressive fourth over the line and in front of the winning Vets crew from Ynys Mon. It was the sixth year in a row that the Super-Vet framed print had gone back to adorn the Madog Yacht Club wall.  Another year and I think we should get to keep it….

Thank you Ynys Mon for a well organised and wonderfully hosted event, we look forward to giving you the same welcome at the end of the month for our own race.

Ynys Mon 2


The winning Men’s Super-Vet crew – Bob, Dave J; Rich A, Steve M and cox Geoff





Ynys Mon 3

The winning Mixed Super-Vet crew – Team captains Bob and  Christine, Rich A, Julie M and cox Jackie

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Protected: Committee Meeting Minutes 13th June 2016

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Protected: Committee Meeting Minutes May 9th 2016

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Newquay Joint League Race 8th May 2016

The racing at Newquay this Sunday could be described in one word. Tough (though the words ‘brutal’, ‘horrendous’ and ‘bl**dy hot’ were also bandied about….

We left a rainy Porthmadog at 7.30 to arrive in an already sunny Newquay in time for registration. The temperature continued to rise and it was bikini weather by the time the ladies rowed out to the start line of over 30 boats at 11.00.

The race began with rowing straight out to sea against a strong outgoing tide and wind against us. Several hours later (or so it felt) and after the turn the water was with the boats but rowing was still hard to maintain any lead that had been gained. After the final turn it was the toughest, but thankfully shortest, section to the finish line against the tide, waves and wind. Porthmadog entered a Senior Ladies and Ladies Vets boat.

Newquay beach 2

Newquat beach

Pictures of Newquay beach with the boats ready to go.

Strong rowing and excellent coxing by Geoff meant our Porthmadog Ladies Vets made two great turns, taking the inside line tight to the buoy. The crew came in sixth overall and second Ladies Vets over the line.

2nd ladies Vets Newquay

Both our Senior Men and Mens Vets crews were strong in a highly competitive field. This was followed by a Novice and Junior Race.

The final race of the day was the Mixed Race. This broke the meet record with thirty five boats entered in total.

Post will be edited when there are more results confirmed and published.

A special thanks to Newquay Rowing Club for all their hard work in organising such a well attended event in such a narrow roaded beach town (especially to whoever made the apple crumble for the after race dinner…..it was delicious :-) )


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Caernarfon League Race 10th April 2016

It seems we’ve only just finished a rowing season, nursing our blistered hands with a celebratory drink or six, when it’s time to start all over again. This weekend Caernarfon played host to the Northern league teams for the first points race of he 2016 season.

Ladies race was an early one – 10.30 we bravely set off to test the waters on behalf of all. The tide was against the boats on the way out to the first buoy with wind, sea and weather against us on the way back in.

Caernarfon 1

Setting off to the start line for the ladies race.

Those who thought it impossible to be as soaked as 2015’s meeting were sadly mistaken, especially if you were a bow pair. The tough row spread out the field of seven boats with Ynys Mon seniors coming over the line first, followed a couple of minutes later by the Porthmadog Ladies Vets, with not only some fantastic rowing (only slightly biased ) but excellent coxing by Geoff.

Caernarfon ladies vets winners

Our winning ladies vets crew

The Men were obviously unnerved by the course and a decision was taken to change the proposed Seniors course for a shorter one, though by the time the buoys had been moved the wind had dropped considerably.  Ynys Mon did one better on this one coming in first and second, winning the senior and the vets prize.

There were no novice or junior races so after a short break ten boats went out for the Mixed Race. Ynys Mon again took first place with their senior crew. All the running and over winter training from the Celtic challenge team mates Christine, Elaine BW, Lawrence and Steve must have paid off as they were a strong third overall and took home the Mixed Vets trophy.

Mixed vets winners mixed vets winners 2

Porthmadog Mixed Vet Winners                                Picking up the trophy

Thank you to the lovely Caernarfon rowers and club for making us all feel so welcome and for the great food.

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